Odyssey General Information


Guests will be awakened early, warm water will be placed in your basin outside each tent while freshly brewed coffee awaits you on the campfire. Everyone will have the opportunity to have something to eat before setting out on their safari. Guests do have the option of going for an early morning walk or game drive before breakfast or for the avid fisherman there is time to pull out a fishing rod. The routine is tailored to suite the individuals on the safari, the camp will be packed up by our staff to ensure that guests spend as much time as possible doing safari activities or simply enjoying their surroundings.


Natureways Odyssey Safari Camps have no permanent ablution facilities however the camp does come with the luxury of long drop toilets and for night use all tents have en-suite chemical toilets. Guest can also revel a luxurious hot shower underneath the expanse of the Africa sky.


All Odyssey Safaris are fully backed up with a Natureways team and 4x4 vehicle. The team will take care of all our guests’ needs and camp chores. During our mobile safaris the camp will be taken down and all equipment and guests luggage will be transferred to the next campsite by vehicle after guests have left for their day’s walking.


All camping equipment is supplied.

Our Odyssey Safaris are true bush camps, offering rustic luxury – there is no electricity, no permanent structures and no plumbing. A taste of the way safaris used to be, a truly authentic African bush experience. The camps are eco-friendly, designed to be erected and dismantled within hours, leaving not trace on the environment.

Natureways has custom built tents to guarantee guests comfort, tents are spacious walk-in style with en-suite toilet facilities for night use and comfortable beds with fresh linen. The tents are mosquito proof with mosquito gauze on the roof so guests can lie in bed and enjoy the night sky, all our do have tents have flysheets to ensure guests to not get wet if it does rain.

Each camp comes with the luxury of ablution facilities as mentioned above. Odyssey camps are fully equipped with a kitchen accompanied with an experienced bush cook, bar facilities and dining area as well as waiter service.


All produce is brought in fresh and meals are prepared in camp by one of our experienced bush cooks. All breads and pastries are freshly baked on open campfires. Vegetarian or other dietary preferences can be catered for providing Natureways is warned 4 weeks prior to the safari.

  • Breakfast: may consist of cereals, yoghurt, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, toast and jams. On the guests last day of safari a full English breakfast will be laid out for guests to enjoy.
  • Lunch: usually fresh quiche, meat pies, etc. with varied selection freshly baked bread, salads and cheeses.
  • Dinner: full 3 course meals with various starters, delicious main courses and sumptuous deserts all eaten by candlelight under the stars, accompanied by a bottle of wine (imported).


All Odyssey Safaris include a supply of local beers, spirits, minerals, cordials, mineral water, tea, coffee and imported wines. Drinks are served by our friendly camp staff whilst guests relax in the peace and tranquillity of the safari. We recommend guests contact Natureways if they do have any drink preferences i.e. a particular brand of local beer is preferred. Guests are also free to bring their own beverages, cooler boxes can be set aside for this purpose. There is no limit to the amount of beverages guests can bring.